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Optimize your PowerPoint files, reduce them up to 96%


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Do you usually work with PowerPoint files? Maybe you usually email ppt or pps files to your friends, but sometimes they are really big and it takes a long time to send them.

If you are one of them, now you will enjoy this lite application called PPTMinimizer. The name is clear, isn't it? It will let you make shorter the files, so the sending/receiving time will be shorter and you'll not waste space in your inbox.

You can optimize PowerPoint files in the .ppt and .pps format, as well as the .ppt files that have been created with OpenOffice or StarOffice. You can optimize all PowerPoint files that have been created with PowerPoint 97 to 2003.

It can reduce your PowerPoint file size by up to 96% and you will be able to directly send the optimized files by e-mail.

In addition if you need to encrypt it, you'll be able to do it from the same interface.

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